The Post 16 leaders at both schools work very closely to ensure that provision is of the best quality and to guarantee that all students receive support, guidance and are treated equally regardless of which site they are studying on. Our focus on helping every student to fulfil their maximum potential has seen our joint Sixth form become a real success with an increasingly collective identity. This is an exciting and rewarding time to be a Post 16 student within the Central Learning Partnership Trust.

Heath Park
This is an excellent time to be considering Heath Park as a provider for your post 16 education. The focus within the school is focused on ensuring that everything about our post-16 offering is every bit as outstanding as our provision in the rest of the school.

Our offer is sure to be built around subjects where we can guarantee a quality education. We have excellent facilities to deliver a wide range of courses across level 3 including the Business and Art and Design faculties. There are a range of ICT facilities including two Mac Suites in the Creative Arts and Media area. These allow students to reach genuinely professional levels of creativity within their studies. We are currently looking to streamline our post 16 delivery areas so that they meet the needs of all of our post 16 learners. We think those needs are different to the rest of the school and want to address that.

The Level 3 average point scores (APS) are now above the national average and promise to continue to improve. Currently our APS per entry is 229.8 points and APS per student is 816.6 points.

We take your education very seriously. When we say “Every Pupil: Always in Focus,” we mean it. And that doesn’t stop at 16, it carries all the way through to the point you leave our provision. Have a look at the courses we offer; then come and have a look at us.

Moseley Park
The Post 16 day is structured separately from the rest of the school and is based around a morning session of 3 hours 45 minutes and an afternoon session of 1 hour 15 minutes.

In the Sixth Form, through consortium arrangements, we are able to offer a wide range of Advanced Level and Intermediate courses.