When you are in full-time education you can get help with your studies. While in sixth form the cost of tuition is paid for but, of course, there are other costs that can soon stack up.

The finance section has information about bursaries that you can apply for and possibly receive while in sixth form. It has further information about finance when you leave Heath Park and, for most people, enter higher education.

There are enormous changes happening with student finance. The old Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) payment system has closed to new applicants. However, we have a new bursary arrangement for Year 12 that allows students to apply through school for funding. Further details are in the ‘Sixth Form Bursaries’ page.

For those who went to university in 2012 and for those going in 2013 there are equally big changes, especially with tuition fees. We have pages devoted to facts about the new system as well as a student finance calculator that should help work out what you are likely to pay back once you have finished your course.

Remember that tuition fees are only a part of what you pay back. You also have to take into account any maintenance loan that you receive.

Student Finance