We’re committed to helping all our students who feel they want to go to University get onto the best courses they possibly can. You’ll find an outline of the process on this site. Remember to use the dates given to meet the deadlines; university places are extremely competitive at the moment!

Year 12 – Familiarise yourself with the UCAS website. Look for courses which you may be interested in. Talk to parents, teachers, undergraduates you know and your friends about the kind of course you might want to do… and why you want to do it. Visit university open days and attend seminars about how to write a personal statement that’s going to get you onto the right course.

Year 12 June/July – Register with UCAS and start thinking carefully about your course choices. You’ll need to think about your outcomes so far. Your predicted grades will give you a good idea about the courses you need to be applying for. Be realistic; if a course is asking for grades that you’re unlikely to achieve, it’s a wasted application. Likewise, you should look to apply to the universities that you could get to if you do as well as you can. That target will really inspire you over the course of the next year to success!

Year 12 August – Results day. It’s now that your outcomes will take shape and you’ll get a good idea about if you’re applying for the right courses. Don’t be dismayed if you’re not on track; you can resit examinations and up your game for year 13. Start talking to staff about which courses to continue with and which ones may need a tweak.

Year 13 September – Start your application for real. You’ll have a number of tutorials with your personal tutor where you discuss the filling in of your form. The important stuff starts happening now. Is your personal statement matched to the courses you’re applying for? Have you used the UCAS website properly? If you have you’ll have found key words and phrases that must be in your personal statement if it’s going to get you. If you’re applying for courses in medicine or you’re applying to Oxford or Cambridge, now’s your deadline. You’ve got the chance to visit universities as well to ensure that you’re applying to the right places!

Year 13 November – You need to complete your application now as the deadline is the end of term. Those of you who’ve been well organized and already got your application off can start waiting for the offers to roll in.

Year 13 January onwards – Your application’s in and now you will start receiving response from universities. You need to consult with your personal tutors to ensure that you’re making the right choices about which to accept and which to reject. If you get straight rejections then you can make further applications via ‘Extra’. This is unlikely to happen to you if you’ve made sensible choices, though.

Year 13 June – August – You’ve sat your exams and you’re on the way… hopefully. When you come to get your results you need to confirm your place if the news is good, and if it’s not, you need to go through ‘Clearing’ to find a course which suits you.

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Download and View UCAS Tariff System for University Entry September 2017